Thursday, April 9, 2009

3's About Me

Three Names I have been called
1. Evelynn
2. Eve (or by middle name – Amellie)
3. Baby

Three Jobs I have had
1. Cashier
2. Asst. Prof.
3. Asst. Mgr.

Three Places I have lived
1. Indonesia
2. Singapore
3. Malaysia

Three TV Shows that I watch
1. Family Guy
2. Dog Whisperer
3. Dancing with the Stars

Three Places I've Been
1. Australia
2. Singapore
3. Malaysia

Three People that e-mail me regularly
1. My brothers
2. My Mom
3. My Mom-in-law

Three of My favorite foods
1. Seafood
2. Sushi
3. Dim Sum

Three of My favorite drinks
1. Water
2. Sweet Tea

Three people I think will respond (Since I 'just' have 3 blogger friends)
1. Arman
2. Hanny
3. Vera

Three things I am looking forward to
1. Easter weekend with my in-laws
2. My best friend's graduation in May
3. One of my brother’s wedding at the end of the year

Three hobbies I enjoy
1. Skating
2. Cooking [even though I’m not good at all]
3. Playing piano

Three magazines/publications I read regularly/on occasion
1. [Sometimes] Wall Street Journal
2. The Des Moines Register
3. Some random cookbooks

Now, here's what you're supposed to do...And please do not spoil the fun.

Hit forward, delete my answers, and type in your answers. Then send this to a few good friends and family INCLUDING the person who sent it to you. The theory is that you will learn a lot of little unknowns.


Arman said...

hahahhaa ini kayak yang di bulletin board di FS ya... kayaknay gua dulu udah pernah bikin dah.... :P

Anonymous said...

gua udah pernah dapet nih, jadi gua lulus dong ujian kali ini hehehe....

Evelynn said...

@vera & arman: ini dapat dari forwardnya sepupu sih. buat iseng2 aja sih :)