Monday, April 20, 2009


Friday, April 17th, sometimes in the evening - between my brother-in-law and me:

R: "Hello Eve, what's up? How are things?"
E: "Hi Randy! Everything's good here. How are you? What's new?"
R: "I'm good too. Errrr..I am calling to let you know that you're going to be a great aunt around September 27th! JAC is 4-months pregnant!!"
E: "HAH?!?!?!? WOW!! Anyway, CONGRATS to her!"
R: "Thanks."
E: "You're welcome. Thanks for letting me know."
R: "No problem. Hey, can I talk to Martin for a minute?"
E: "Sure. Just a sec.."

Am I exited about this news? NO! NOT AT ALL!! JAC is a 19 years old who works at a fast food restaurant, smokes heavily (can call her a chain smoker!), and doesn't have any sense of responsibility at all. Prior to New Year's Eve last year, she had a car accident and totalled her car. Yet, she still managed to go to a party, got drunk and found herself pregnant couple months ago! She's not really my niece, just because my brother-in-law 'raised' her since she was 7 years old and he considers her as his 'niece', therefore I am her 'aunt', she's my 'niece', and her baby will be my great 'nephew/niece'.

Suddenly, I feel so OLDDDD....


Arman said...

ya moga2 nanti kalo babynya udah lahir, jac nya bisa sadar dan berubah jadi lebih baik ya...

Evelynn said...

@arman: thank you yah :) aku juga ngarepin yang sama aja.

LeNa said...

Iya mudah2an bisa lebih dewasa setelah jadi mommy.

Evelynn said...

@lena: AMEN to that! :) thank you yah len :D

sarie said...

hi lam kenal:) aku add di link ya! lg blog walking neh!

19thn? Aihhh masi muda banget ya? duh! dah siap blum tuh jadi mom? Moga deh ya, biar lebih dewasa.

E. Bronwyn said...

@sarie: Hi! salam kenal juga yah :) thanks udah mampir ke blogku. aku link balik juga ya :P